Arts & Crafts

Hello everyone!!

Summer is around the corner and our bulletin Boards are ready to be hung. Here are the videos of their oral presentations. Hope you enjoy them!

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Spring is here!

In the workshop of Arts and Crafts the students of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade have been working in groups and have designed and painted these beautiful Bulletin Boards. Here there are the oral presentations of each group. Hope you enjoy them!!!


Hello everyone!

The students of Arts and Crafts have decorated the school with three different Winter Bulletin Boards. Each group has made an oral presentation explaining their work. They had a lot of fun!

Hope you enjoy them!! They did a very good job!
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Hello everyone!!

We are right in the middle of the Autumn Season and the first groups of the Corner “Arts and Crafts” have decorated the Escola Llar with beautiful Autumn-Fall Bulletin Boards. In the different sessions, they made drafts, colored the bulletin boards and used different materials. However, in the Arts and Crafts Corner not everything is getting dirty but also taking notes of the different steps they follow and writing short descriptions. Here you can see the videos where the students present their bulletin board.


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Hi everyone!

The school year has almost ended and we have prepared a Photo Booth for the Party next Saturday 11th of June. This year the students of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades have been working on a Project about Tintin and in the workshop of Arts and Crafts, the students decided to make a Photo Booth of some characters of the comic such as Tintin, Milu and Castafiore. They have done a really good job and now they are ready to be used and take pictures. Here you can see some pictures of the work done! Enjoy them  and have a great summer!


Hi everyone!!

The school is getting ready for Carnival, and for a few weeks the students working on the workshop of Arts and Crafts and doing a Plaster Mask that they will wear for the carnival parade. Here you can see some pictures of the process and very soon you will see the description of the process! By the way, the students are having so much fun and are very excited about it!!

See you soon!!



Hello everyone!!

Here you can see some pictures of the Corner “Arts and Crafts” where the students of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade prepare the Bulletin Boards for the Autumn Season. The older students helped the younger ones to cut and glue the tissue papers. They learn the Fall-Autumn colors and in groups answered a questionnaire. It was so much fun!!